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We are a volunteer group of dog agility enthusiasts who live in the Central Florida area. Some of us trial with CPE and AKC and participate in other canine sports such as Barn Hunt, lure coursing, and Rally. However, we trial primarily with Nadac focusing on the challenge of running a course with distance and establishing good handling techniques that promote the safety and happiness of our canine team members.

Andrea, Linkin and Bang

Andrea Entin

I am originally from Los Angeles CA. I have been involved with dog agility since 1999. I came into dog agility when I hung up my riding boots after 15 years in the hunter/jumper circuit. Just as in equestrian sports, where you must have a relationship with your horse, agility is the same.  A relationship and connection is imperative for you and your dog to be a team in the agility ring.  I love to see the development of this relationship in my young dogs that are just starting on their agility careers.

My primary focus in agility is NADAC.  I really enjoy the challenge of running my dogs in the ring at speed and with distance. I have earned NATCH titles on 4 of the 5 dogs I have run in NADAC. In 2009 my partner Bang won his division at NADAC championships. 2 years in a row I was happy to be a part of the winning Elite Large Dog Team with Chase and Freckles.  In 2017 my partner Linkin took home the Highest Scoring Stakes Dog in Starter Stakes and was the only dog in both Stakes divisions to win a Championship Cup.

I currently live in Lakeland FL and I am available for agility lessons. I teach privates, and small groups.

Ileana Nadal

I became involved in dog training in 1972 when my wild Boxer needed to go to Obedience School. He challenged me to learn and started my Obedience career. In 1989 I went to an Agility seminar and got hooked on that sport…what fun!

I have been blessed with some really great dogs, and some difficult ones as well, that forced me outside the box in my agility journey. I have trained different breeds to multiple Obedience titles and multiple championships in seven Agility organizations. NADAC is my favorite venue, but most important the venue that my dogs love best.

I currently operate Cool Critters Studio, LLC in Valrico, FL (www.coolcritters.com) where I teach puppy and obedience classes, all levels of agility and host NADAC trials

Kelly Randall

I started competing in dog sports with my first sheltie, Sparkle, in 1998.  There was only obedience at first and then our dog club started doing this “new” thing called agility so I gave it a try and became hooked.  Six shelties and two poodles later I am still hooked!  We have competed in AKC, UKC, NADAC, CPE and USDAA venues.  In the last few years I decided to tackle the challenge of distance in agility and started training my current dogs Ladybug and Kaze to do obstacles at a distance.  It has been such a thrill and some of the most fun I have had doing agility.  NADAC is an awesome venue for a new dog and there is always something to work towards in titling a dog.  Recently Ladybug got her NATCH and Versatility NATCH and it is the accomplishment I am most proud of!!

Terry Pasfield

A transplanted Northerner, I discovered agility with my first rescued Florida dog, Miss Lillie. Wilson came along 5 years later and taught me a great deal about the sport. As one of my trainers said, ‘It’s like playing chess while running with a chess piece that has a mind of its own.” I really like competing in Nadac trials because I like the challenge of working distance. However, I want my dogs (and myself) to be well rounded so we practice working close and doing some of the ‘fancy dancy’ moves like treadles and barrels. I trial in AKC and CPE. Ziva, blonde dog with attitude loves working distance. Simon is the latest addition to my household. He is a rescue BC. We work on obedicence first (need that re-call!!) but play with cones and hoops in the backyard. These wonderful dogs are teaching me patience and how to thinking outside the box.

Diana Miller

Diana and her therapy dog Chica participate in Nadac, AKC, and CPE agility. Great team

Kelly Castle

Kelly owns and operates Castle Keep, a doggie day care and training facility in Longwood Florida. Kelly teaches classes in Rally, Obedience, and Agility when she is not trialing with her dogs Cody, Zuri and Dixon.

Brenna Fender

Brenna is the Associate Managing Editor and Special Projects Assistant at Clean Run.She trains her dog Tessa in agility as well as accumulating numerous trick titles.

Sue Erbe

Sue and Ollie, her Golden Retriever, qualified for Nadac Champs this year (2017). They were awesome racking up clean runs!!

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