Frequently Asked Questions about NADAC ... and (very fortunately) their answers!

The information on this page is NOT a complete list of NADAC regulations. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to learn the rules of competition; by your entry, you acknowledge that you are familiar with NADAC rules. For complete NADAC requirements, please read the NADAC Exhibitor’s Handbook.

Do you have questions? Please contact us any time! We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of courses are offered?

NADAC courses are flowing, with an emphasis on safety and teamwork. The types of courses are: Regular which may be composed of any equipment used by Nadac, Jumpers which consists of jumps and 1-3 tunnel elements, Touch and Go which is comprised of contact obstacles, barrels, tunnels and hoops, Chances a regular agility course that includes a distance challenge and discriminations, Weavers which is comprised of weave poles, tunnels, barrels and/or hoops, Hoopers a course comprised of only hoops, Barrelers a course that includes barrels, hoops and tunnels, and Tunnelers a course that is composed of tunnels only.

Course times are shorter than some other venues. You will not see “international-style” elements like backsides or acutely angled weave entries. Obstacle spacing is typically 18-21 ft. NADAC challenges the team with distance, discrimination, and directional challenges.

What equipment is used in NADAC?

NADAC does not use the teeter, tire, table, broad jump, panel jump or closed tunnel (chute). There are also no spread jumps. NADAC uses single jumps, winged jumps, the A-frame, dogwalk, weave poles and tunnels. NADAC also uses some unique obstacles – hoops and barrels.

Can I train my dog in the ring?

NADAC allows and encourages training in the ring within reasonable limits. You may train once on the course and still complete your run.

What about treats or toys in the ring?

Handlers may carry treats in a small, sealed container hidden in a pocket. Handlers may also carry a small, non-audible toy which must also be concealed in a pocket. This makes it convenient for the handler to reward the dog after the run without having to run to the crating area, and keeps the area around the ring free from piles of treats. Treats and toys should not be noticeable to the judge, and the handler may not indicate to the dog that he/she has them during the run.

Can I tug with my dog to reward or 'amp it up'?

NADAC does not allow tugging on the leash or a toy in the ring. Toys and treats are not to be used within 10 ft of the ring, both before and after your run.

What about leashes and collars?

Dogs run without collars in NADAC. Dogs must be leashed up after their run and under handler control before leaving the ring. Harnesses must be buckled. Leash runners hand the leash to the handler after the run, but exhibitors may ask the leash runner to place the leash on the ground. NADAC allows “leash buddies.” You may choose your own leash runner if you prefer to have a friend hand you the leash.

When can my dog start in NADAC agility?

Dogs must be 18 months old in order to participate in a NADAC agility trial.  Not even one day leeway is given.

What's the deal with this 'Intro' thing?

Intro is a level for the classes, just like Novice, Open and Elite.  The Intro level will be a shorter course than Novice. The only Intro level class with weaves will be Intro Weavers with only one set of 6 poles. No other classes will have weaves. The Intro level will have no tunnel/contact discriminations. The Intro level is a full titling level with the basic titles at 30 points, Outstanding Performance at 60 points and Superior Performance at 100 points for Chances, Jumpers, Tunnelers, Weavers, Hoopers, Touch N Go, and Barrelers. For Regular, the basic title is at 30 points, Outstanding Performance is at 100 points and Superior Performance is at 200 points. Clubs can choose which classes they will accept Intro level entries into. So not every trial will have Intro level in all classes.

Will Intro be a prerequisite before moving up to Novice?

No it is not a prerequisite for Novice. Competitors can still start at Novice if desired.

If you start out at the Intro level, do you need to get Intro titles before you can move to Novice?

No, there is no titling requirement for Intro.

Can a dog that has titled in Novice/Open/Elite go back down into Intro level (semi-retired or restarting after time off)?

Yes, Intro is open to all dogs. An Elite dog could enter Intro instead of Elite if wanted. This is great for beginning agility dogs, dogs recovering from injury, and older dogs who still want to ‘play’. You can be in Intro for a jumpers course and be in Elite for tunnelers. 

Is there Skilled and Proficient, Vet Handlers and Vet Dogs, and Junior Handlers at the Intro level?

Yes, exactly the same as any Novice entry.

Are the yards per second for Intro going to be lower than for Novice courses?

No, they are the same as Novice, just a shorter course.  For Regular and Jumpers, probably 8-10 obstacles, the other classes probably 5-8. It will certainly depend upon the individual original course design.