NADAC is an acronym for North American Dog Agility Council.

Formed in 1993, NADAC provides North American dogs and their handlers with a fast, safe and enjoyable form of the sport of dog agility. The purpose of a NADAC agility trial is to demonstrate the ability of a dog and its handler to work as a smoothly functioning team. With separate class divisions for Veterans and Junior Handlers and a variety of games, NADAC dog agility offers something for everyone!

Nadac has a lot to offer especially for those new to dog agility. It really is a good place to start. There are several good reasons to begin with Nadac. For instance:

1. Nadac doesn’t use some of the standard equipment found in AKC, USDAA, UKI and CPE.
a. There is no teeter/seesaw. This is perfect for those of you who have dogs who
have issues with the teeter.
b. There is no table in Nadac. The flow of the run is important.
c. There is no tire in Nadac.

2. Training in the ring is allowed once each run, so if you miss the A-Frame contact you can go back and redo it. You will not Q, but you can finish the run.

3. Nadac has containerized trials. You can have treats in a sealed container in your pocket.

4. The trials are usually smaller and organized so that you are not running in the morning and then waiting until late afternoon for your second fun.

5. Nadac offers ultra fun courses that the dogs love: Tunnelers and barrelers. Tunnelers is a course in which every obstacle is a tunnel. Barrelers is a course that uses Tunnelers, hoops and barrels. The handler will send the dog around the barrel; somewhat similar to barrel racing.

6. Nadac has jump height exemptions for dogs that display achondroplasia (limbs shorter than the body, like Corgis, Bassett Hounds, Dachshunds etc.). Those dogs may jump 4” lower than they would normally jump.

7. Nadac offers both proficient and skilled categories. There are no award distinctions between the two. Proficient maintains jumps at measured height. In the skilled category dogs jump 4” lower.

8. Nadac is now offering an Intro This level is great for beginners, but also for older dogs, and those returning to competition after a time out. Intro courses are shorter than Novice, there are no tunnel/contact discriminations and none of the Intro courses include weave poles (except for the Intro Weavers course which will have one set of 6 poles).